Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mraker - don't lose track

Add the bookmarklet by dragging the link: Mraker onto your Bookmarks Toolbar and try to figure out what it is, or just read the text beforehand:

One of little frustrations of the web browsing is losing track of the reading spot. I frequently find myself trying to find the last words I read on a long page after I have been disturbed or scrolled up to look up something. What I think of in such moments is some kind of micro bookmarking: bookmarks for the exact place on a web page.

Several sleepless nights and I have crafted a prototype in attempt to do such micro bookmarking: Mraker. It is a bookmarklet that will display a marker over the page in the top right corner. Drag and drop from the marker to create a marker at any page's place. Click the corner marker to scroll to the earlier created marker. Markers should even be remembered between sessions (don't forget to invoke the bookmarklet to show them).

This is only a quick prototype and I really have no substantial experience with JavaScript, so expect bugs. However it works for me under both FF and IE.

You can try Mraker by adding a bookmark ( see the first link in this post) and then invoking the bookmark while viewing a page. Or just paste the link's location into the location field of your browser to get sense what it looks like.

Let's try to use it and see if it is a help of any kind.
Makes sense? What do you think?

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