Sunday, November 05, 2006

Search at your fingertips

Is there a tool for searching the selected word in Google? Select, press - new browser window with the search results is opened. Works anywhere where clipboard Copy works. Is it? I think I'd use it. Just a tiny desktop utility to be ran at startup and help from that point on.

There are press-type-search type (e.g. Google Desktop with it's double Ctrl), but are there select-press-search?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

GMail mobile client

Google has announced GMail for mobiles, but, strangely enough, the URL does not seem to be accessible from this part of the world (Ukraine). It just redirects to Google Mobile home with no traces of GMail for mobile.
Luckily, anonymous proxies still exist and it's not hard to get to the page. Just strange I didn't notice any note on the limitation anywhere.

Though, from a several minute use, GMail midlet looks rather impressive. With incremental updates, support for keyboard shortcuts, "live" address completion, etc. Worth trying!